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We specialize in meetings and corporate events from 5 to 500 people.

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Vila Delicatessen offers a wide variety of choices on our catering menu, including breakfast and lunch items. By providing excellent food and timely service, we’ve become the caterer of choice for many well-known San Diego businesses.

When you want your meeting or event to be enhanced by the caterer, call Vila Delicatessen.

Breakfast Catered Options (minimum 5 per order) (back to top)

Vila Deli catered breakfast

Our breakfast selections include plates, combos and sandwiches featuring standard early-morning fare such as eggs, hash browns and toast. We can also provide buffet selections and continental breakfasts. Give us a call the day before your morning event, and we’ll deliver your delicious order at the appointed time.

Light Breakfast pp $3.00
Fresh assorted bagels and muffins with cream cheese, butter, and jam

Croissant Platter pp $4.45
Choice of Ham, Bacon, Sausage or Turkey with scrambled eggs and aged sharp cheddar cheese

Breakfast Burrito Platter pp $4.45
Shredded Jack and cheddar cheeses, eggs, potatoes and choice of meat (ham, bacon, sausage, turkey or vegetarian with onions and bell peppers)

Breakfast Wrappers pp $4.45
Choice of ham, bacon, sausage, turkey or vegetarian with scrambled eggs and Swiss cheese served on a spinach wrap or whole wheat wrap

Continental Breakfast pp $6.95
Fresh assorted bagels, croissants, danishes and muffins with sides of cream cheese, butter and jelly with a fresh fruit served on a tray

Breakfast Buffet pp $9.95
Hash Browns, scrambled eggs with ham, bacon and sausage, sides of butter and jelly and a fresh fruit tray

Healthy Start Breakfast (ORG) pp $9.95
Fresh Fruit tray, organic eggs whites, parfait yogurt, low fat cheeses organic multi grain bread and a fresh squeezed organic orange juice

Upgrade any item with egg whites pp $1.00

Coffee in a box serves 15 pp $18.00

Organic Coffee serves 15 pp $18.50

Orange Juice serves 15 pp $18.00

Organic fresh squeezed 0.J. serves 15 pp $22.50

Lunch Catered Options (back to top)

For your lunch needs, we offer our delectable array of sandwiches, individually presented or combined on platters, as well as hot dishes like lasagna and pasta, and salads.  We prefer to have advance notice for orders for more than 10 people, but we can complete a regular order within 45 minutes and we’re very good at responding to last-minute calls.

Appetizers (back to top)

Vila Deli catered appetizers

Mediterranean Dip serves 12-15 $49.00
Tabouleh, hummus, stuffed grape leaves and fresh pita bread

Veggie Platter serves 12-15 $35.00
Broccoli, carrots, celery cauliflower, cucumber pepperoncinis and two dips to choose from

Seasonal Fruit Tray (organic) serves 12-15 $45.00
Best selection of fresh organic fruits

Meat & Cheese Platter serves 10-12 $70.00
Prime quality meats and cheeses fixed on a tray with breads, vegetables and condiments on the side (mayo, mustard, etc)

Salad Bowls (back to top)

Vila Deli catered salad bowls.

House Salad
serves 10-12 $35.00
serves 18-20 $55.00

Caesar Salad
serves 10-12 $35.00
serves 18-20 $55.00

Add Boneless Chicken Breast
serves 10-12 $15.00
serves 18-20 $27.00

Greek Salad
serves 10-12 $40.00
serves 18-20 $60.00

Oriental Chicken Salad
serves 10-12 $55.00
serves 18-20 $85.00

Cobb Salad
serves 10-12 $60.00
serves 18-20 $90.00

Chicken Pesto Salad
serves 10-12 $60.00
serves 18-20 $90.00

Albacore Tuna Salad
serves 10-12 $60.00
serves 18-20 $90.00

Chicken Santa Fe Salad
serves 10-12 $65.00
serves 18-20 $95.00

Pasta Salad Bowls

Mediterranean Pasta Salad
Fresh zucchini, organic penne pasta, cherry tomatoes, red onions, feta cheese, Italian parsley and bell peppers lightly dressed with our own balsamic dressing. (VEGETARIAN)
serves 10-12 $35.00
serves 18-20 $65.00

Creamy Caesar Pasta Salad
Organic penne pasta, cherry tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, croutons, parmesan cheese and creamy caesar dressing
serves 10-12 $35.00
serves 18-20 $65.00

Sandwiches and Wraps (back to top)

Catered Sandwiches Vila Deli

Sandwich Platter pp (per person) $6.00
Variety of sandwiches cut in quarters (mayo, lettuce and tomato)

Deluxe Sandwich Platter pp $7.00
Four of our most famous sandwiches made with exclusive ingredients our store carries.

Pita Platter pp $7.00
Selection of hot and cold sandwiches served in two types of pita bread (wheat and white)

Wrappers Platter (organic) pp $8.00
Variety of gourmet wraps, organic chicken breast, turkey breast, and vegetarians wraps made with organic vegetables

Special Event Platter pp $9.95
Variety of sandwiches, a fresh House or Caesar salad and a tray of homemade baked cookies

Vegan Organic Sandwiches and Wraps Platter $7.00
Served spinach wrap sun dried tomato wrap and organic multi grain and whole wheat bread

V.l.P. Meeting Platter pp $11.95
Best selection of sandwiches and wraps a choice of a specialty salad fresh organic fruit tray and choice of dessert.

Choose sandwiches or wraps from our regular menu.

Add Kettled Chips pp $1.00

Hot Entrees (back to top)

Vila Deli catered hot entrees

Chicken Parmesan pp $10.00
Breaded organic boneless chicken breast with marinara sauce and whole milk mozzarella cheese on top served over fresh linguine pasta and a house salad

Beef Parmesan pp $12.00
Breaded Tri Tip steak, covered with meat sauce and mozzarella cheese, choice of mashed potatoes or jasmine rice and a Caesar salad

Meat or Vegetarian Lasagna pp $10.00
Homemade lasagna served with a house salad and garlic bread

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo pp $10.00
Organic boneless chicken breast, homemade sauce, includes a salad and garlic bread

Raspberry Chicken Breast pp $10.00
Grilled skinless chicken breast topped with a tangy sauce made with raspberry puree, balsamic vinegar, shallots and garlic, served with jasmine rice and fresh asparagus

Chicken Cacciatore pp $11.00
Tender grilled chicken breast served over whole wheat spaghetti with a traditional cacciatore sauce made with onions, carpers, peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms. Includes a House salad

Scampi Shrimp pp $12.00
Large shrimps made with scampi sauce over linguine and parmesan cheese, with a Caesar salad and garlic bread

Greek Buffet pp $11.00
Greek salad, beef, lamb and chicken kabob, tzatziki sauce, fresh pita bread, organic hummus and jasmine rice

Let us know what you have in mind, we'll do it!

Veggie Entrees (back to top)

Vila Deli catered hot entrees

Tofu Veggie Stir Fry pp $10.00
Seasonal vegetables and tofu stir fried with ginger, garlic and shoyu marinated. (VEGAN)

Curried Tofu pp $9.00
Indian curry sauce and spices served with grilled veggies and pita bread

Primavera Pasta pp $11.00
Organic penne pasta served with creamy white sauce, mushrooms, broccoli, carrots tomatoes and other vegetables served with House salad

Cheese Ravioli pp $9.00
Ravioli filled with cheese, light cream sauce and herbs, with Caesar salad and garlic bread

Tofu Teriyaki pp $10.00
Teriyaki sauce, jasmine rice and grilled vegetables

Kung Pao Tofu pp $10.00
Kung Pao sauce, prepared with special herbs and oriental salad on the side

24 hours notice is required for most of these items.

Desserts (back to top)

Vila Deli Desserts

Homemade Flan pp $3.95

New York Cheesecake pp $3.45

Tiramisu pp $3.95

Dozen Cookies $7.95

Homemade Brownies pp $1.50




Beverages (back to top)

Vila Del Orange Juice

Fresh Squeezed Organic Orange Juice Serves 15 $22.50

Acai Smoothie 16oz $3.95 24oz $4.95
Acai is a fruit from Amazon 100% natural and organic rich in vitamins and antioxidants

Acai Bowl Sm $4.95 Lg $5.95
Served with organic strawberries, bananas and granola

Organic Ice Tea Serves 15 $20.00

Coke product can $1.00

Snapple $1.65

Water (0.5 liter) $1.25

Organic Chocolate Milk $1.75

Catering Menu Ordering (back to top)


Call to place an order today: (858) 565-2367

To place an order after 4:00 pm, call (619) 988-6013

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* Note: The catered items you purchase may be presented differently from the photos shown on our site.